The MacIsaac Team of lawyers

The MacIsaac Team of lawyers has over a thousand years of combined legal experience.  Supporting our team of personal injury lawyers are para-legals, former senior insurance company employees and our in house former RCMP investigator.  This team of experts sets us apart from other law firms.

We also have offices across BC and Alberta.  We can represent you anywhere in B.C. and Alberta.

The 7 Reasons We are Confident We can Maximize Your Injury Claim are:

  1. Our Injury Lawyers are Experts in Personal Injury Law

    It is important to have a lawyer who truly is an expert in personal injury law. Some lawyers who take personal injury claims are really civil litigators who take the odd personal injury claim but do not focus on personal injury law. The injury lawyers at the MacIsaac Group focus almost exclusively on personal injury law. Together they have over 275 years of personal injury law experience. They are aware of the current laws and issues that apply to your claim. For more on our personal injury click here.

  2. We have hired Senior ICBC Claim Experts to work on your ICBC claim

    Two ICBC claim experts from ICBC have been hired to assist our injury lawyers with file preparation and with negotiating with ICBC. As far as we are aware, we are the only personal injury lawyers in British Columbia that have hired senior ICBC people to work with them against ICBC on your accident claim. For more on these ICBC experts click here. click here.

  3. We have a former Police Officer on staff to work on your accident claim

    There are two advantages to this. First if we need a private investigator to work on your injury claim, there is no hesitation to getting the work done. Whereas other injury lawyers might not hire a private investigator to avoid the expense, at the MacIsaac Group there is no additional cost. Our private investigator is already on staff. Second, there is no potential conflict of interest. Insurance companies hire private investigators to spy on personal injury claimants. These private investigators can have divided loyalties. The MacIsaac Group private investigator works only for our personal injury lawyers. To learn more about our private investigator click here.

  4. We have developed key relationships with Doctors and Specialists

    On many accident claims the claimant’s doctors can be reluctant to go to court or are not specialists. Our injury lawyers have developed key relationships with qualified doctors and specialists to ensure we have essential medical evidence to support and maximize your accident claim.

  5. The MacIsaac Group has 39 lawyers with over 1000 years of combined legal experience

    When a novel legal problem arises on your accident claim, all of the lawyers are available to pool their wisdom and experience. When you retain a lawyer in the MacIsaac Group you avail yourself of the resources, wisdom, experiences, and talents of the entire Group.

  6. Our Personal Injury Lawyers never work for insurance companies – they only work for you

    Some accident lawyers work both for and against the insurance companies. At the MacIsaac Group our personal injury lawyers work only for our personal injury clients. We are experts at plaintiff work and never have to worry about pleasing an insurance company.

  7. We only get paid if we are successful for you

    Many with an accident claim cannot afford to pay an injury lawyer a large retainer and an hourly fee. On most accident claims we will agree to work on a contingency fee basis where we only get paid if you get paid. When we take an accident claim or ICBC claim on a contingency fee basis our fee is a percentage of what we recover for you. One feature that distinguishes the MacIsaac Group from a lot of other firms is that we pay all of the disbursements (expenses) incidental to pursuing personal injury claims. On many files, this runs into the tens of thousands of dollars. For more information see our Worried About Legal Fees page.

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Shawn Buckley: persuasive practical problem solving solutions with years of legal experience

Columbia Court of Appeal, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Federal Court Trial Division, the Albert Court of Queen’s Bench, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench, and provincial courts in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. Whereas many lawyers practice for an entire career without having any decisions they were counsel on reported in paper law journals, Mr. Buckley has had several key cases reported as precedents.