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An On-Staff Private Investigator Acting for You

Our private investigator Brian McAllister brings extensive investigation experience as a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. After leaving the R.C.M.P., Mr. McAllister worked for approximately 15 years as a contract private investigator for ICBC doing liability and other investigations. Now he no longer works for the insurance company, he is full time for the MacIsaac Group.

In many personal injury claims, the barrier to obtaining a settlement or judgement is showing that the other party was at fault. It is essential in these cases to do a proper and thorough investigation. Mr. McAllister does the liability and scene investigations for our personal injury lawyers. This involves scene attendance, taking photographs and analyzing the accident scene. Mr. McAllister also tracks down and interviews key witnesses to assist our personal injury team in establishing liability.

For many injury claims the largest part of a settlement or judgement is for wage loss. Mr. McAllister is invaluable in tracking down and interviewing wage-loss witnesses to ensure that our accident lawyers can advance and pursue full and fair wage loss claims for our clients.

Having a former police officer on staff to do our investigations is just another way that the MacIsaac Group is working to ensure that we can maximize your personal injury claim. We are not aware of another personal injury firm that has a former police officer on staff to conduct investigations for them. Another part of the MacIsaac Group advantage.