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Shawn Buckley, B.A. (Honours)(Sask. 90), LL.B. (Victoria 93)

Shawn Buckley studied law out of a concern over the erosion of our constitutional rights. While in law school at the University of Victoria, he became head of the Law Union which was a group dedicated to protecting the rights of the disadvantaged. He also worked for the BC Human Rights Council. In his private practice He has focused on protecting our rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and on testing the constitutional validity of legislation.

Since 1995, Mr. Buckley has practiced extensively in the area of criminal law. He has appeared in the Supreme Court of Canada, the British Columbia Court of Appeal, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Federal Court Trial Division, and provincial courts in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. Whereas many lawyers practice for an entire career without having any decisions they were counsel on reported in paper law journals, Mr. Buckley has had several key cases reported as precedents.

Shawn P. Buckley

Shawn P. Buckley

Shawn P. Buckley, B.A. (Honours)(Sask. 90), LL.B. (Victoria 93)

Mr. Buckley has developed expertise in defending regulatory charges under the Food and Drugs Act in the area of Natural Health Products. It is likely that he has defended more charges in this area than any other lawyer in Canada. Most of these cases have involved a constitutional challenge. Mr. Buckley has been called as an expert witness in the area of constitutional law and Food and Drugs Act regulation by committees in both the Senate and the House of Commons. He is routinely invited to lecture concerning the regulation of natural health products by diverse groups such as the Fraser Institute, practitioner groups, consumer groups, and the NHPPA. He was also invited to draft the Charter of Health Freedom.

Prior to entering private practice Mr. Buckley worked for: the Ministry of Advanced Education Training & Technology; the BC Human Rights Council; the Intergovernmental Affairs Branch of the Premier’s Office (which at the time was non-partisan), and Transport Canada. These experiences in government have given him valuable insight in dealing with bureaucracy.

Mr. Buckley opened his Kamloops law office in February, 1995. Although he travels across Canada on legal matters, he is proud to be a Kamloops lawyer.

He joined the MacIsaac Group because he formed the opinion that their work on personal injury claims is second to none. Mr. Buckley has been pleased to a part of the group due to his respect for the work of the MacIsaac Group injury lawyers.

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